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Welcome to our website!

It with joy that we welcome you on our website.  We are also grateful that you chose to stop by given the billions of choices that you  have in terms of websites.
This site is intended to get you to know who we are and what we stand for.
We are part of much larger movement with the intent of spreading the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ through out the world. We are equally committed to lead those who have encountered Jesus to become disciples of Him and to serve Him.
Please we hope that as you stop by, you will find ressources that will help connect you to Jesus-Christ. Also find here articles, tracts, audio and video messages that will lead you to a much deeper walk, obedience and service to Him.
Are you in search for more than just this? Please find on our contact page our address and come visit with us. We will be glad to have you in our midst.
The  Lord bless you!

Our Founder

Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum was born in the flesh on 20th June 1945 and born of the Holy Spirit on 13th June 1956. He made an absolute surrender of himself to the Lord Jesus and to His service on 1st October 1966 and was filled with the Holy Spirit on 24th October 1970.

He was admitted to a first class in the Bachelor of Science degree and graduated as a prize-winning student from Fourah Bay College in the University of Sierra Leone in October 1969.  His research in Organic Chemistry led to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) awarded by the University of Makerere, Kampala, in Uganda in October 1973.


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